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English Tutoring

Eye Level English helps students master the English language while enhancing the four fundamental skills:listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

End your search for Mahwah, Saddle River, or Ramsey, NJ, English tutoring with Eye Level Learning Center of Ramsey. Based in Ramsey, NJ, we aim to provide fantastic service to your child. If your son or daughter is lost in the Odyssey or can't take another sonnet from Shakespeare, it could be time for some supplemental support. English is a tough subject, but an important one. Your child's reading and writing skills learned at this age are the foundation for the rest of their academic career. Most professions require critical analysis, so solidifying these abilities at a young age is important.

Fortunately, our team of enthusiastic tutors is here to make reading and writing fun and rewarding. Give us a call if you are in Mahwah Saddle River, or Ramsey. We’ll show you why we have such a great reputation. Our staff is dedicated to client satisfaction because we want to see your child succeed. We focus on attention to detail in our work so that our students will embrace it in theirs. In addition to English, we also offer tutelage in math, so your son or daughter can receive well-rounded instruction.

To find your Ramsey, NJ, English tutoring services, look no further than Eye Level Learning Center of Ramsey. We strive to see your kid succeed. We are passionate about learning, and we want to inspire this same drive in our students. We want your child to love reading as much as we do. Come by our office in Ramsey, NJ, or give us a call today to sign up for a session!


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What Makes Eye Level Different?

Our program is based on U.S. Department of Education curriculum standards for English Language Arts.

The goal of Eye Level English is to help students master English systemically through enhancing the target language use. For this purpose, Eye Level English is designed based on language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Language Arts

Language arts is the general academic subject area dealing with developing comprehension and capacity for use of written and oral language. Basic Language Arts helps students to acquire basic language skills through fundamental language structure, reading, and writing. Reading with vocabulary helps students to extend their previously acquired knowledge using the reading materials.

Features of Eye Level English

Fundamental Language Skills

Eye Level English consists of basic language arts and reading with vocabulary.

Individualized Program

Eye Level English allows students to begin at the point where they are able to work independently with confidence.

Interesting and Fun

Eye Level English helps to foster students’ interest in reading, writing effectively, and approaches it in a fun, creative way.


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